2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway



Anticipated development




Specific greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to 2006 (%)



Share of renewable energies in the DB traction current mix (%)



Track kilometers noise remediated in total as of Dec 31 (km)



Quiet freight cars in Germany as of Dec 31



In terms of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, we have already reached a good level as a result of the targeted efficiency improvements, particularly in ocean freight and land transport of DB Schenker and in rail transport in Germany. We will continue to reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions from our worldwide transports and the stationary facilities in Germany in 2019. The key measures here are the ongoing modernization of our fleets and facilities and the restriction of greenhouse gas intensity in traction current in Germany through continuously increasing the proportion of renewable energies. Our target here is a proportion of 80% by 2030. The refitting of our freight cars  no. 5 onto whisper brakes is moving further toward our target value for 2020.

With regard to noise protection  no. 25, we expect additional noticeable relief for those residing close to railway tracks in 2019.