2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway


Employee retention and development

Strategic succession planning for central executive and expert functions is an important part of personnel development. Faster filling (or refilling) of vacancies based upon advance planning will im­­prove performance and in­­crease the quality and di­­ver­­sity of appointments. It will also help employees and man­­agement orient them­­­selves in their pro­­­fes­­sional development. In August 2018, the pilot for the new succession planning was launched. This covered about 100 roles in two busi­­ness units. Based on experience, a further roll­­out is planned for 2019.

DB Lernwelt

The online learning platform DB Lernwelt allows employees and managers to continue their training using computers. The platform provides over 200 courses developed by experts that can be accessed wherever and whenever is convenient, with the range being expanded on a regular basis. As part of the Training the future (Wir bilden Zukunft) project, DB Lernwelt helps users develop their expertise in the areas of digitalization, operational excellence and performance.

Following its introduction for top and senior management, the new career system for executives was extended to middle management in the year under review. The career system offers clear orientation to executives as they expand their experience and encourages regular movement bet­ween management roles.