2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway


New hires at record levels

In the year under review, recruitment in Germany at DB Group reached its highest level ever (20,815 employees without young professionals). There are several reasons behind our employment campaign: firstly, DB Group is growing, with roles involving new IT skills expanding particularly quickly. Secondly, about half of the workforce in Germany is set to retire over the next ten years, meaning that their jobs will have to be filled.

In total, DB Group hired almost 25,000 new employees in Germany in the year under review, including more than 4,000 young professionals (trainees and dual degree students). Demand is particularly high for occupational groups such as train drivers, traffic controllers, electronics technicians, engineers, command and control technology technicians, service personnel, track construction engineers and IT experts.

Demographic preparedness as of Dec 31 (%)




 Percentage of staffing needs covered in Germany




Germany (companies with about 79% of domestic employees).

The percentage of staffing needs covered has fallen slightly.