2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Targets and strategy

Getting DB Group ready for the future

Our DB2020+ strategy puts a strategic framework in place for DB Group. Regular reviews of the DB2020 target system have led to the following changes in the year under review:

  • Economic: we have adjusted our ROCE targets to reflect persistently low interest rates.
  • Environmental: as a result of capacity constraints in maintenance at DB Cargo, we have slightly extended the process of the conversion of freight cars to whis­­per brakes.

In 2019, we will finish developing our future strategic ori­enta­­­tion up to 2030. This is based on the Agenda for a Bet­ter Railway set in the year under review to improve service quality and on our new eco management system to im­­prove DB Group’s innovative strength and digitalization.

Our targets