Seven bond transactions carried out

Through the DB Group financing company, DB Finance, we issued six new bonds and increased an existing bond in the year under review. The equivalent value of the transactions was about € 2.9 billion. The funds were raised to refinance liabilities falling due and for ongoing general Group financing. All proceeds of bonds not issued in euros were converted into euros. In addition to European investors, almost a fifth of demand was from Asian investors.

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Stable financial position

In the year under review, the yield from the ten-year German Federal bonds (bunds) increased slightly.

In addition to aiming for a sustained rise in enterprise value, DB Group’s financial management focuses on maintaining a capital structure that will ensure excellent credit ratings.

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Ratings stable

The creditworthiness of DB Group is constantly monitored and assessed by the rating agencies S&P Global Ratings (S&P) and Moody’s. Credit ratings provide an independent, up-to-date assessment of a companyʼs creditworthiness.

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