Noise reduction measures

Another important topic for us is noise reduction. We want to relieve residents noticeably of rail transport noise. This is crucial if we are to increase acceptance of the shift from road to rail. Our goal is therefore to halve rail noise by 2020. To achieve this, we are implementing a two-pillar strategy
for noise reduction based around infrastructure and freight cars.

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Mehr leise Güterwagen auf der Schiene

The number of new and existing freight cars with the noise reducing composite technology has increased further. In the year under review, about 11,000 cars in the active freight fleet were equipped with whisper brakes.

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To the interactive key figure comparison

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Innovative noise remediation

To expand our portfolio of noise remediation measures, we, together with BMVI, have launched the new and application-oriented noise control trials initiative (Initiative L√§rmschutzerprobung neu und anwendungsorientiert; I-LENA) as part of the Future Capital Expenditure Program (Zukunftsinvestitionsprogramm; ZIP).

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Noise protection for particularly affected Middle Rhine Valley area

In the year under review, there were two meetings of the Advisory Board for a Quieter Middle Rhine Valley, in which there were in-depth discussions between DB Group and those affected.

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