Performance development


The performance development was predominantly positive in the year under review.

In rail passenger transport, the number of passengers as well as operating and transport performance remained at the previous year's level. DB Arriva, DB Regio and DB Long-Distance recorded slight increases in the number of passengers. DB Long-Distance and DB Regio also recorded growth in traffic and operating performance. Moreover DB Regio recorded growth in passenger numbers and transport performance.

The performance development in the bus sector in Germany was negative.


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Performance development in rail transport was mainly positive.

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Performance development during the year under review was varied

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Performance development - DB Arriva

The development of performance figures was differentiated: the number of passengers increased slightly. Volume produced remained broadly at the previous year’s level and Volume sold in rail transport declined

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Performance development also noticeably declined.

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The economic development was encouraging

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Performance development - DB Netze Track

Train kilometers on track infrastructure increased primarily in the wake of higher demand from non-Group customers (especially in freight and regional transport) and from DB Long-Distance. Lower demand from intra-Group freight transport customers had the opposite effect.

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Performance development was marked by a slight increase in the number of station stops.

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Development declined in volume terms..

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