Materiality through focusing

We are working on issues that are material to us and our stakeholders. The 2016 Stakeholder Survey allowed us to identify key sustainability topics and to continuously pursue them further in the year under review. The impacts of the topics both within and outside DB Group are analyzed.

The central ambitions of our stakeholders are focused on ensuring DB Group is fit for the future and securing its performance capabilities, as well as addressing topics relating to security and the environment. Thus, the measures implemented as part of the Group programs on the one hand and the competence center Digitalization and the change management division on the other hand included the material topics of digitalization, innovation and performance capability. Our Group programs and the Agenda for a Better Railway also take up these material topics. The material topic security was addressed through increased activities in the areas of employee security and cybersecurity. The fact that the fourth employee survey took place in the year under review underlines the importance that we place on employee satisfaction.

We respond to the issue of climate protection, which is classified as a material topic, in our climate targets.

DB Group’s target system forms the basis for the selection of the key figures relevant to management. Further topics are reported based on an internal assessment of their significance. This includes the topics of social commitments and supply chains, which are given as high a priority as climate protection in our sustainability portfolio. Furthermore, the topics of air quality control  and nature conservation were reported on.

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Sustainability organization

The Chief Sustainability Officer is responsible for the issue of sustainability. The CEO, Dr. Richard Lutz, holds this office. Responsibility for the content of the sustainability theme falls to the specialist departments and business units. The sustainability management and future research department, which is incorporated into the corporate strategy division, is responsible for coordination and further development of this theme. One of its areas of focus in this respect is to strengthen governance.

Sustainability is an important element of our strategy and forms the basis of our entrepreneurial trade. The range of issues dealt with by sustainability management covers all dimensions of sustainability. In terms of the interactions between economic, ecological, social and, increasingly,  digital elements, we will actively continue to embed sustainability as an integral part of DB Group’s business processes as much as possible. Topics such as digital responsibility, sustainable cash investments, technical innovations for sustainability in supply chains, and employee development may be held up as exemplary sustainability management practice that is both proactive and opportunity-based.

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Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in September 2015. The 17 SDGs cover environmental, social and economic objectives of sustainable development.

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Sustainability ratings

Outside perspectives give us an important indication of where we stand and where we can improve. Our ambition is to rank very highly in the key sustainability ratings.

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Membership of sustainability networks

Our commitment to the UNGC is underscored by the annual presentation of our progress along the ten principles of the Global Compact (Communication on Progress).

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Main activities

Read more about the main activities in 2018 in the area of sustainability management here...

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Notes to sustainability

The Notes to sustainability contains additional information on, among other things, compliance with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The content were audited by an independent third party, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
(PwC), with limited assurance..

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GRI Content Index

This Integrated Report was prepared in agreement with the GRI standards in the core option.

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UN Global Compact Index

Upon joining the UN Global Compact in 2009, DB Group made a commitment to support its ten principles, and regularly reports on its activities and services in a Communication on Progress.

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