2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Sustainability management

Membership of sustainability networks

  • Our commitment to the UNGC is underscored by the annual presentation of our progress along the ten principles of the Global Compact (Communication on Progress). In addition, we are committed to the German Global Compact Network (Deutsches Global Compact Netzwerk; DGCN), the German multi-stakeholder forum to implement and promote the principles of the UNGC, as well as the SDGs DB Group is a member of the Steering Committee of the DGCN.
  • As a signatory of the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex; DNK), we also provide a clear signal in Germany for the transparent presentation of our sustainability performance.
  • DB Group is an active member of econsense, the Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business. Together with some 35 German companies and organizations with global operations, we are committed to initiating and developing solutions for sustainable economic activity. We are particularly committed to the issues of strategic direction, SDGs and digitalization.
  • In addition, DB Group has been a member of The Conference Board since the year under review and plays an active role in the issue of sustainability. Founded in 1916, The Conference Board is an independent global economic association working in the public interest. It aims to help managements to conquer the largest challenges for companies and better serve society.
  • As part of the fight against corruption, DB Group is a corporate member of Transparency International. Our anti-corruption efforts involve the regular exchange of experience regarding systems and procedures for the fight against corruption.
  • DB Group is a founding member of the Railsponsible sector initiative. This initiative aims to create transparency regarding social, environmental and socioeconomic effects along the entire supply chain and to support suppliers in improving their sustainability practices. Other significant European companies in the field are members of the initiative.