DB traction current mix

Our contribution to climate protection

Germany and Europe’s climate protection targets can only be achieved if there is a shift in mobility towards a strong rail. For this reason, we have brought our own climate protection target forward by ten years: we aim to be climate-neutral by 2040. Compared with other modes of transport in Germany, only rail has made a consistently positive contribution to climate protection since 1990. Over the past 30 years, we have made a significant contribution to climate protection by reducing CO₂ emissions by about 70%. On the path to climate neutrality, we have set ourselves ambitious milestones.

Share of renewable energies in the traction current mix

Data are based on information and estimates available as of February of the respective year.
1) Including additionally procured electricity for all of DB Group’s green services with 100% eco-power (for example Hamburg S-Bahn (metro) or DBeco plus) and taking into account a forecast based on the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz; EEG) subsidy..

In 2021, we also increased the share of renewable energies in the traction current mix. We concluded additional electricity purchase agreements for renewable energies.





 Share of renewable energies in the DB traction current mix
in Germany (%)



  • We will continue our measures to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the DB traction current in Germany through  consequent increase in the share of renewable energies.

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