Product quality and digitalization

Digital transformation

The digital transformation is focused on the inclusion and qualification of employees through training, new working methods and agile structures. In 2021, the focus was on expanding digital skills.

  • We created the DB Digital Base in Berlin, a central location for digitalization within DB Group. This provides executives and employees with free access to a wide range of events and workshops on digital topics.
  • In order to achieve the goals of the Strong Rail, we want to implement digital business models for DB Group. In 2021, DB Intrapreneurs validated a product-market fit for two project teams and transferred them to DB Bahnbau as an internal foundation.
  • In 2021, the Digital Transformation Academy was developed to foster employees’ digital skills. More than 80 participants from seven business units were equipped with skills in agile working and agile product development.
  • Since the beginning of 2018, we have been promoting our digital talent in the areas of digitalization and business model development through our digitalization trainee program, as well as building digital skills for the whole DB Group.
  • Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures is our corporate venture capital arm, which invests in innovative business models.The research fields are based on our Strong Rail strategy and our digital and technology strategy. The main focus is on the power of start-ups and technology partnerships to change the market and their ability to establish trendsetting customer and industrial solutions.
  • As a start-up hub and innovation driver, DB mindbox works closely with business units and start-ups to support innovative technologies and digital applications within DB Group. Innovative solutions from start-ups are adapted to the needs of DB Group and live-tested through various start-up programs and open data initiatives. More than 190 start-ups have already participated in the support program.For about 60% of the start-ups, specific products and innovations were pursued as part of follow-up partnerships after the DB mindbox process.
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