Development of business units

Markets and strategy

DB Netze Energy is responsible for economically and environmentally efficient energy procurement and for reliable energy provision for train operating companies. DB Netze Energy also has a high-performance infrastructure for the provision of electricity and diesel to mobile and stationary consumers.

  • More robust: DB Netze Energy is securing its power supply in view of potential increases in traffic volume and increasing volatility in the supply of renewable energies. The LuFV III provides the financial basis for this, including for the construction of additional converter capacity. The expansion of the traction current grid will be supported by the driving forward of digitalization at DB Energy, for example through the rollout of sensor technology in traction current facilities, which began in 2020.
  • More powerful: In 2021, lean excellence was implemented as part of two pilot projects. In subsequent projects, further processes and areas will be reviewed using lean approaches and, if applicable, made more efficient.
  • More modern: As an energy supplier to train operating companies in Germany, DB Netze Energy is a central driver for switching to climate-friendly practices. In order to completely switch DB traction current to renewable energies by 2038 at the latest, existing fossil fuel power plant contracts will henceforth be replaced by environmentally sustainable renewable energies. To enable climate-neutral rail transport in future even on non-elec­trified lines, DB Netze Energy is working together with vehicle manufacturers, contracting organizations and Federal agencies to pilot suitable supply solutions.
  • Greener: The infrastructure is being modified for alter­native drives and synthetic fuels in order to ensure the climate-neutral provision of transport services previously run on diesel. Implementation of the “Green energy for a strong rail system” business unit strategy continued in 2021, interlinked with the Strong Rail strategy.
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