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Off-balance-sheet financing instruments and non-recognized assets

In addition to the assets shown in the consolidated balance sheet, DB Group also uses off-balance-sheet financial instruments and assets that are not recognized in the balance sheet.

To a small extent, we lease assets of low value or on a short-term basis for which no right of use or leasing liability must be taken into account under IFRS 16.

We also sell smaller volumes of trade receivables, in which case the main opportunities and risks are split between DB Group and the purchasing bank. Under such factoring agreements, as of December 31, 2021, receivables amounting to€ 260 million (as of December 31, 2020:€ 224 million) had been completely derecognized, and€ 443 million (as of December 31, 2020:€ 388 million) partially derecognized.

With regard to the company pension scheme for employees, the obligations under each retirement scheme are, to some extent, covered and netted by plan assets which are eligible for netting out. As of December 31, 2021, total obligations amounted to€ 11,530 million (as of December 31, 2020:€ 12,518 million) and the fair value of plan assets was€ 5,575 million (as of December 31, 2020:€ 4,854 million). The balancing process leads to a reduction in total assets. The net obligation recognized as of December 31, 2021 on the balance sheet was€ 5,031 million (as of December 31, 2020:€ 6,517 million).

Additional information is available in the section Basic principles and methods.

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