Opportunity and risk report Deutsche Bahn 2021

Implementation of projects

Our measures involve not only large capital expenditure volumes, but also a large number of highly complex projects.Changes to the legal framework, delays in implementation (due among other things to more extensive public participation), necessary adjustments during terms often lasting several years, deviations from the increase in funds for capital expenditures agreed with the Federal Government, or changes to purchase prices may lead to project and liquidity risks. The networked production structure means that these can often affect a number of business units. For example, in such cases planned shifts in the mode of transport from road to rail may not be feasible. We keep up to date with these developments by closely monitoring projects.

When implementing planned measures from various programs, such as the Strong Rail strategy for the Integrated Rail System or Primus at DB Schenker, there is the risk that it will either not be possible to realize the planned effects, or only to a lesser extent and/or that these may be delayed. At the same time, however, there is also the opportunity to outperform and exceed the planned effects.

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