Social responsibility

DB Museum 

Deutsche Bahn Foundation operates the DB Museum in Nuremberg and its branches in Koblenz and Halle (Saale), which are supported by volunteer employees in cooperation with the BSW&EWH Foundation Family (Stiftungsfamilie BSW&EWH).

The DB Museum was once again hit hard by the pandemic restrictions in 2021: as the duration of the closure was significantly longer than in the previous year, its visitor numbers declined more than 20%. However, the museum was able to compensate for this decline with success in other areas: for the first time, significant funds were successfully raised for investments at all the sites. New online services were developed, such as streamed live tours, speeches and workshops, and became a fixed element of the program. After the reopening of the sites in June/July 2021, new open air programs welcomed over 30,000 guests within just a few weeks. The first research exhibition in many years, “Design&Bahn,” was opened on September 30, 2021, and received a very positive response from the public and press.

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