Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Consolidated financial statements

Segment information according to segments

Information by regions

Basic principles and methods

Fundamental Information
Principles of preparing financial statements
Strcuture of the balance sheet and the statement of income
Consolidation methods
Currency translation
Critical estimations and assessments
Comparability with the previous year
Capital management in DB Group

Notes to the statement of income

(1) Revenues
(2) Inventory changes and other internally produced and capatilized assets
(3) Other operating income
(4) Cost of materials
(5) Personnel expenses and employees
(6) Depreciation and impairments
(7) Other operating expenses
(8) Results from investments accointed for using the equity method
(9) Net interest income
(10) Other financial result
(11) Taxes on income
(12) Earnings per share

Notes to the balance sheet

(13) Property, plant and equipment
(14) Intangible assets
(15) Investments accounted for using the equity method
(16) Deferred taxes
(17) Other investments and securities 
(18) Inventories
(19) Receivables and other assets
(20) Income tax receivables
(21) Derivative financial instruments
(22) Cash and cash equivalents
(23) Held-for-sale asstes
(24) Subscribed capital
(25) Reserves
(26) Retained earnings
(27) Non-controlling interests and hybrid capital
(28) Financial debt
(29) Other liabilities
(30) Income tax liabiliies
(31) Pension obligations
(32) Other provisions 
(33) Deferred items 

Notes to the statement of cash flows

Cash flow from operating activities
Cash flow from investing activities 
Cash flow from financing activities
Information regarding the changes in financial liabilities according to IAS 7

Notes to the segment reporting

Explanations of the information according to regions
Information concerning major customers

Risk management and derivative financial instruments

Management of financial and energy price risks 
Interest rate risks
Foreign currency risks
Energy price risks
Credit risk of interest, currency and energy derivatives
Liquidity risk

Additional disclosures relating to the financial instruments

Classification of financial assets

Other disclosures

(34) Contingent receivables and liabilities, and guarantee obligations
(35) Other financial obligations
(36) Structured companies 
(37) Infrastructure and transport contracts
(38) Related-party disclosures
(39) Events after the balance sheet date
(40) Exemption of subsidiaries from the disclosure requirements of the German Commercial Code
(41) List of shareholdings
(42) Management Board and Supervisory Board  

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