Development of business units

Environmental measures

  • A total of 830 diesel trains and locomotives in the DB Regional fleet have now been fitted with telematics systems. This corresponds to 60% of the entire fleet. The Regio Energy Saving System (RESY) softwareno. 08 is in use on one in every two journeys to provide support for traction unit drivers to employ an efficient driving style. This saved 0.9 million liters of diesel in 2021. All bus drivers received the Fairfleet Eco app to promote stress-free and economical driving. The app obtains travel data from the telematics systems on the buses. The system detects the driving style, evaluates it and provides feedback on driving behav­­-
    ­­ior. This reduced fuel consumption by more than 5%. In 2021, more than 11,000 t CO₂e were saved in this way.
  • DB Regional Bus added two hydrogen-powered busesno. 53 to its alternative energy fleet in Schleswig-Holstein. These are operated with green hydrogen, which is produced us­ing regional wind energy. There were also 13 new battery-poweredno. 63 rigid buses supplied with eco-power commissioned in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Lower Saxony for climate-neutral travel.
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