Green Transformation

Green Transformation of DB Group

Achieving sustainability requires a holistic approach. We are ensuring our sustainable ecological alignment for the DB Group with the Green Transformation. That is why it is also anchored in our Strong Rail strategy. We are continuously making all of our products, services and the way we work greener. To help advance the Green Transformation, we have defined four environmental areas of action: climate protection, nature conservation, resource conservation and noise reduction.

This is green.

he environmental brand “This is green.” represents DB Group’s environmental strategy, the Green Transformation and more than 150 supporting measures in climate protection, nature and resource conservation, noise reduction, and social responsibility. The individual measures demonstrate how DB Group firmly anchors sustainability into its operational value chain.

We at DB Group also recognize our social responsibility and involve our stakeholders in our actions. We among other things ac­ti­vely focus on our responsibili­ties relating to a solid cooperative spirit, diversity along with our responsibilities in the historical realms. In particular, we focus on the people who shape us and our core business on a daily basis: our employees, customers, business partners and society.

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