Personnel planning

In order to ensure that DB Group is robustly positioned, we need effective and efficient personnel planning and management throughout the entire HR value chain, from differentiated planning to recruitment, qualification and functional training, right through to considering actu­­al performance effectiveness. As a key part of holistic resource management, we work to close capacity and skills gaps and optimize the efficiency of our workforce.

We have implemented the 18-month rolling forecast for key operational functions as part of regular reporting in the context of high-performing personnel management.

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) is an instrument for analyzing our longer-term personnel policy challenges. This gives us a uniform and systematic view of strategically relevant activities over the next decade.

We are currently working on further developing our SWP. The aim is to create a robust and future-proof SWP. The Strong Rail strategy is an important building block for future SWP and provides an analytical basis for our HR strategy. We create synergies between a wide range of forward-looking further development projects.

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