Product quality and digitalization

Ecosystems and partnerships

Digitalization and global competition are fundamentally changing market conditions. Due to much shorter innovation cycles, new markets are created faster, and there is growing pressure on established market players to innovate. We need to transform into an ecosystem-focused company so that we can tap into growth potential in this area and ensure DB Group stays competitive in the long-term. DB Group is therefore using partnerships to drive greater innovation and is systematically expanding collaboration. The first partnerships will be established in the following four areas:

  • Production Tech: The digitalization of production processes makes it possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operating processes. This means, among other things, that capacity increases and an increase in the availability of trains and cost savings can be achieved in the Integrated Rail System. We are currently placing particular focus on this ecosystem in line with the Strong Rail strategy.
  • Sustainability Tech: Partnerships for the development of innovative, environmental and customer-oriented solutions, particularly in the areas of climate protection and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Logistics: Innovative, value-driven aspirations and competitive value-added chains also require integrated transport and logistics solutions with partners.
  • New Mobility:NeMo is committed to providing robust public transport which is climate-friendly, simple and comprehensive. Together with traditional passenger transport, the unit with its New Mobility companies offers integrated mobility from a single source for contracting organizations and municipalities.
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