Development of business units

Development of our fleet

In 2021, we continued to pursue comprehensive measures to improve our vehicle fleet.

  • These included the redesign of the interior, the installation of passenger information and video recording systems, and renewal of the paintwork. A total of 296 vehicles were redesigned and modernized, mainly for the S-Bahn (metro) lines in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, as well as the on the Lower Saxony and Allgäu diesel networks, the Mainfranken e-networks and the Euregiobahn, and for double-deck cars on the Taunus line.
  • We are further focusing on the procurement of new vehicles for acquired transport contracts. A total of 44 new vehicles were supplied in 2021 (of which 22 vehicles were deployed through a leasing model).

Vehicle availability improved again in 2021. However, there were also delays and restrictions relating to the delivery of new trains.

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