Income development

The economic development of DB Group continued to be shaped by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on passenger transport and the strong development of our transport and logistics activities. Operating profit figures again recorded a noticeable improvement. In passenger and rail freight transport, however, the situation remained under pressure:

  • In the Integrated Rail System, revenue growth exceeded additional expenses from higher personnel expenses (capacity expansion and wage increases) and cost of materials (including higher energy expenses due to volume- and tariff-related increases), owing mainly to the recovery of demand in pas­­senger and rail freight transport as well as the effects of countermeasures. The wage dispute with the GDLµ 38 and the consequences of the floodsµ 38 also curbed this development.
  • The operating profit development at DB Schenker was once again very strong, driven primarily by the development in air and ocean freight.
  • DB Arriva also recorded a significant recovery in its operating profit figures.

Additional information is available in the section Development of business units.

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