Development of business units

Development of our fleet

Vehicle projects and procurements

  • The first nine multiple units (prototype and pre-production trains) in the ICE 1 modernization have been completed. Series production began in May 2021, and the trains are being fitted with new seat covers, carpets, a modern passenger information system and improved drive technology, as well as other modifications.
  • The redesign of the ICE 3 (403 series) is also continuing, with 35 of the 49 ICE 3s being redesigned by the end of 2021.
  • As well as the redesign measures, there are extensive fleet expansion measures in progress.

Vehicle availability

The vehicle availability of the ICE fleet increased in 2021 compared to the previous year. The thorough modernization of the existing fleet (as a result of the ICE 1 modernization and the ICE 3 redesign, for example) had a positive effect on the stability of operations. The delivery of new vehicles has also contributed to vehicle availability. In order to continue the positive development, additional vehicle projects are also being implemented. These include the supply of new vehicles such as the ICE 3neo and the ICE L, as well as continuous measures to optimize the existing fleets.

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