Management approach and targets

With the Strong Rail Strategy, we intend to create the con­­ditions for a sustainable change in the mobility sector. Only by pooling our expertise, sharing new ideas and having moti­vated employees can we overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Our Human Resources (HR) strategy provides us with an important framework for this and is an integral part of the Strong Rail system.

We are sticking to our strategic goal of recruiting, qual­ify­ing, integrating and retaining for long-term employment“100,000 employees.” This approach is still the appropri­-ate response to the challenges faced by DB Group – demographic change, a shortage of skilled employees and digital transformation.

We focus our actions on four strategic areas, which are derived from our HR strategy:

  • forward-looking personnel planning,
  • innovative recruiting,
  • a holistic approach to management, qualification and transformation,
  • actively designing the work of the future, and diversity.

These targets are a core component of the “100,000 employees” goal from the Strong Rail strategy, and are also interconnected with the 15 employee building blocks.

Making DB Group fit for the future means proactively managing human resources. It is the responsibility of our per­­sonnel planning systems to have employees at the right time in the right place and to identify potential capacity bottle­necks at an early stage. This is something we are developing further and anchoring in DB Group.

In order to inspire potential employees for our diverse job profiles and entry opportunities in the competitive labor market, we are further improving our employment conditions, which we advertise to the target groups with our innovative recruitment approaches. This enables us to meet our existing personnel needs despite the tense labor market.

The professional qualifications of our employees are an important success factor. We use our onboarding processes to prepare new employees for their role, ensuring they are orientated and can act with confidence. We promote the expansion of knowledge and knowledge transfer through our modern qualification architecture, which we systematically develop and which set up on a modern, digital foundation.

A culture of appreciative, results-oriented cooperation is critical to success in our dynamic market environment and with the complex challenges facing us. As a cultural element, the “compass for strong teamwork” gives managers and employees direction and promotes the assumption of responsibility, cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Findings on employee satisfaction and cultural development in the sense of the “compass for strong teamwork” are gained through the Group-wide employee survey (MAB) and the Culture Barometer for the Integrated Rail System in Germany. In 2021, we ran “cooperation workshops” to identify changes and improvement measures Group-wide, across all teams.

Diversity and open-mindedness are immutable values in our corporate culture. We want to be an exemplary employer who values the different perspectives, values and experi­-en­ces of its diverse workforce and uses them for innovation and customer orientation. For this purpose, we have an active diversity management. Appropriate measures and activities are implemented under the framework of the Group initiative “Uniquely different” (“Einziganders”) and promoted within DB Group.

Our work on tackling important topics of the future today means that we will continue to be an attractive employer in the future. We are concerned with the impact of digital change, the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and key HR trends. The Group initiative “People. Make. The Future.” serves as a framework for this, with its future labs, dialogs and partnerships.

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