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Markets and strategy

Demand in passenger and freight transport has increased significantly over the last few years (with the exception of the Covid-19-related decrease in 2020) and has led to greater use of the rail infrastructure. In the coming years, we expect growth in demand for freight transport and a significantly increased traffic volume in passenger transport, and therefore a further increase in capacity needs, supported by measures such as increasing regionalization funds, service expansions in passenger transport and the partial subsidizing of train-path prices in freight transport.

By developing infrastructure in line with customer and market requirements, we want to enable the entire rail transport sector to take advantage of growth potential. The Strong Rail strategy incorporates DB Netze Track’s strategic topics. As a capacity manager, DB Netze Track intends to create the infrastructural and operational conditions for the implementation of the Strong Rail strategy. The objectives are to expand network capacity, to digitalize, and to improve the use of capacity. DB Netze Track is also striving for the continuous renovation of the existing network and an increase in the performance of the organization. In order to achieve these objectives, DB Netze Track’s strategy comprises the strategic areas of the Strong Rail strategy:

  • More robust: By expanding the infrastructure in line with demand (new construction and expansion projects) and implementing the Digital Rail for Germany program (Digi­tale Schiene Deutschland; DSD), DB Netze Track aims to increase network capacity of corridors and hubs in order to eliminate existing bottlenecks and provide the capacity needed to expand services. As part of the strategy implementation, there is a focus on increasing the quality of the existing network. The aim is to improve profitability and the facilities’ quality. In addition to infrastructural measures, and as part of its capacity management strategy, DB Netze Track is striving to establish a new control philosophy focused on the utilization of capacity. To this end, DB Netze Track has launched several projects and initiatives to develop the necessary business capabilities for better capacity management. These capacity assessment tools will improve the performance of the company by providing a clear overview of capacity. In addition to the planned expansion and new construction of infrastructure, DB Netze Track focuses on further levers for increasing capacity, such as the more efficient use of track closures during construction activities or the avoidance of overloading usable capacities. To overcome the challenges of the future, DB Netze Track recruits and qualifies appropriately skilled employees in a targeted way.
  • More powerful: DB Netze Track is implementing measures such as lean excellence to establish a basis for powerful and stable processes and to create as efficient an organization as possible.
  • More modern: DB Netze Track performs supporting tasks for issues concerning the Germany in sync and European corridors.
  • Greener: DB Netze Track is moving towards a green future. Firstly, it is electrifying and implementing noise remediation measures on further lines. Secondly, DB Netze Track is committed to sustainable vegetation maintenance, conservation measures such as bee cultivationno. 10 on train-paths, and resource conservation through initiatives to promote circular economy approaches.
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