Green Transformation

Project to phase out glyphosate

Safe rail operations and climate and environmental pro­tec-tion are our highest priorities. This is why we plan to phase out the use of glyphosate. We have reduced the use of gly­pho­sate by more than half compared to 2018. From 2023 on­wards, we plan to make our rail transport operate entirely glyphosate-free.

We have been working to develop alternative methods, products and application strategies for vegetation control for several years. We are pursuing a holistic approach and investigating active procedures for controlling existing vegetation, preventive measures to avoid vegetation in the tracks, and approaches to dramatically reduce the amount of vegetation control required. In order to optimize planning and implementation, a digital vegetation management is being developed that will help to identify necessary actions, plan processes and monitor vegetation. In addition, we are pushing forward with the technological enhancement of mechanical methods such as semi-autonomous mowers and robotics. The use of alternative herbicides is also being tested. As things currently stand, innovative procedures will not yet be available or will only be available to a limited extent by 2023.

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