Group Security

Management approach and targets

Security is an important commodity and a basic requirement of our customers and employees. When deciding which mode of transport to take, security is an important factor. Continuous dialog with the security authorities and the uninterrupted sharing of status information are key elements under the joint responsibility of DB Group Security and the Federal police, and a fundamental component of the DB Group Security network. In the railway security center, we and the Federal police record and evaluate the security situation round the clock. At six control and operation centers in DB Group Security’s regional divisions, security experts coordinate regional security issues and contacts are available 24/7 to be contacted by the business units, non-Group train operating companies, and authorities. In total, more than 5,500 Federal police officers and about 4,300 security personnel are deployed across Germany. DB Group Security and the Federal police are constantly recruiting new employees and expanding their training capacities. At the end of 2021, more than 300 young people were undertaking specialist training in safety and security at DB Group. The number of criminal offenses affecting DB Group and its customers increased by about 5% in 2021. One of the key drivers of this development was violations of premise policies (+30%), which can be attributed to the identification of a larger number of such violations owing to the increased presence of security personnel on trains and in stations. On the other hand, there were significant decreases in metal theft (–15%), ticket machine break-ins (–22%) and graffiti (–8%). Adapted security concepts and close cooperation with the Federal police proved effective.

A particular challenge was the enforcement of mandatory face coverings on trains and in stations, as well as checks of vaccination, test and recovery status where required. Overall, the vast majority of passengers demonstrated a willingness to wear masks. Fewer than 5% of customers needed to be told about the requirement.

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