Developing employees and filling vacanies

The DB role model combines specifications for different career paths (such as expert, project and management), duties and responsibilities and the necessary experience, expertise and attitude from an internal standpoint. It forms the basis for staffing and diagnostic processes. In addition to our management and project management career paths, our internal career options were expanded to include a third career path: the DB expert career, which offers opportunities for further development to experienced employees with key expertise.

In 2021, we realigned our talent management strategy. The key elements are ease of access for employees and executives, attractive opportunities for orientation, networking and visibility for all career paths, and a high degree of personal initiative and individuality. Our campaign “Leadership rocks!” supports the promotion and demand for more diversity in DB Group. With exciting interviews and videos, the campaign showcases examples of women in executive positions who are leading the way. The “Frau Dich!” (Woman up!) initiative also plays a role in inspiring and motivating women to aim for management positions with individual career advice for women.

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