Building Block Safe travel

With the Safe travel employee building block, employees defined safety as a core area of action for DB Group. Thanks to cooperation between the Group Security function and the business units, and coordination with employees, measures are being implemented to increase the safety of employees and customers:

  • We have responded to the initial results of the standardized safety survey for train attendants introduced in fall 2020 by commissioning additional security patrols on particularly affected trains.
  • Since the beginning of 2020, there have also been more security officers on long-distance trains. Their main duties are to monitor and enforce hygiene and distancing rules and to improve passenger safety.
  • In a number of areas, a priority call service has been tested in practice in day-to-day use, which employees can use in critical situations to receive support more quickly.
  • A multimedia campaign with the motto “Safety is everybody’s business,” which was held from April to December 2021, raised awareness of employee safety among the entire workforce.
  • Development work continued on a new IT platform that is intended to make it possible in the future to learn more quickly about dangerous situations, respond more quickly and organize more targeted help.
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