Social responsibility

Promoting mental health

Deutsche Bahn Foundation is involved in working to destigma­­tize depression as a mental illness in society and enables those affected to receive assistance. Together with the German Depres­sion Aid Foundation (Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe), it sup­ports the German Federation against Depression (Deut­sches Bündnis gegen Depression) in over 80 cities and regions. In 2021, the annual German Depression Barometer study by Stif­­tung Deutsche Depressionshilfe examined the main theme “Depression in the world of work.”

Through Deutsche Bahn Foundation’s annual tender on the subject of “Strengthening the mental health of children and young people in the Covid-19 crisis,” 14 more charitable organizations carrying out projects for children and young people were funded.

The prevention and early identification initiative “Masters of tomorrow – mentally healthy through education” by the foundation “Achtung!Kinderseele” is supported by Deutsche Bahn Foundation in its nationwide expansion. It aims to raise awareness of mental illness among trainees.

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