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Stuttgart 21 cost review

Market prices for construction services and raw materials rose at an increasing rate in 2021. In addition, there were additional costs resulting from supplementary requirements and the optimization of construction processes at the central station.

In order to make a reliable assessment of the possible impacts on cost development, DB Group has undertaken a review of the total expense forecast for the Stuttgart 21 rail project, the results of which will be available in spring 2022. A significant increase in costs is anticipated.

In connection with the public allegations made in 2021 regarding mismanagement, corruption and lack of information provided to the auditor of the consolidated financial statements in connection with the Stuttgart 21 project and based on allegations reported via our whistle-blower system in 2016, we, supported by our auditor of the consolidated financial statements and as part of the annual audit, carried out an inquiry and found no results that indicate concrete material compliance violations or misappropriation of assets.

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