Development of business units

DB New Mobility

DB New Mobility combines DB Group’s range of new mobility solutions. These include the offers from ioki, Mobi­meo, and CleverShuttle, the Call a Bike, Flinkster, Bonvoyo products and Curbside Management from DB Connect . DB New Mobility is directing this integrated offer to contracting organizations such as municipalities and transport associations.

  • CleverShuttle had won tenders for a total of 13 on-demand transport services by the end of 2021 and also brought the largest all-electric on-demand transport service of a German public transport company onto the road. After winning a Europe-wide tender, CleverShuttle has been operating the HeinerLiner in Darmstadt since April 2021 on behalf of the transport company HEAG mobilo.
  • In 2021, ioki launched a total of 24 new on-demand transport services in close cooperation with contracting organizations and transport companies, including the largest on-demand service in Germany, with an innovative booking app in the Rhine-Main area (RMV app) and the EVA shuttle in Karlsruhe, which for the first time combined autonomous driving in an area-based service and on-demand bookings. An ioki study showed that, in rural areas in particular, there is a gap in public transport services that could be closed with the introduction of on-demand services.
  • Using the example of Bonvoyo, DB Connect’s mobility budget offer, the potential of mobility budgets to act as behavior-influencing measures to increase sustainable mobility was investigated in the Reallabor Hamburg research project, which was sponsored by the BMDV: in the case of both the Bonvoyo app itself and the use of Bonvoyo as a payment option in the HVV switch app, there was evidence of increased use of sustainable mobility services among the pilot customers.
  • As a technology partner, Mobimeo is working with the industry initiative Mobility inside to develop a mobility platform and the corresponding regionally branded mobility apps for the 13 participating transport companies and associations. The platform will facilitate the reciprocal sale of public passenger transport tickets throughout Germany as well as multimodal connections through sharing and on-demand services. The market launch is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2022.
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