Open stakeholder dialog

Overview of stakeholder dialog


2021 topics

The most important dialog and communication formats
(private and business)
  • Stimuli and incentives after travel restrictions
  • Punctuality and connection reliability
  • Improvements to schedules, cycles and services
  • Contribution to sustainability
  • Improvement and digitalization of ticket offers
  • New service offerings
  • Improvement of passenger and construction site information
  • Vehicle modernization/IdeasTrain
  • Passenger Advisory Board
  • Online dialog platforms/social networks
  • Customer dialog (over-the-phone)/customer inquiries
  • Virtual and/or hybrid dialog formats and product conferences
  • Digital road shows/product presentations
Business customers
(freight transport)
  • Maintaining operations during the pandemic
  • New strategic orientation (Strong Cargo)
  • Green logistics
  • Initiative for further development of production
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • Digitalization/digital automatic coupling
  • Innovative freight cars
  • m² freight cars
  • “We are goods” campaign
  • Direct exchange with customers (including trade fairs and congresses as well as digital formats)
  • Own dialog and customer events
  • Customer workshops
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Monthly satisfaction check
  • Social networks
  • link2rail digital customer platform (e-services for customers)
  • Pandemic management
  • Contribution to sustainability/Green Transformation
  • Infrastructure development and financing
  • Digitalization
  • Germany in sync (Deutschland-Takt)
  • Intermodal competition
  • Financing public transport
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Parliamentary evenings
  • Association activities
  • Participation in discussion rounds and expert presentations
  • Participation by the Federal Government in dialog formats
  • Own events (for example competition symposium)
  • Covid-19 crisis management and vaccination campaign
  • Strikes, Collective Agreement Uniformity Act and collective bargaining
  • Contribution to sustainability/Green Transformation
  • New forms of cooperation and mobile work
  • Women in management
  • Digitalization
  • Employee strategic building blocks within the framework of Strong Rail
  • Global employee survey and follow-up process with collaborative workshops
  • “Mobile working of tomorrow” project
  • Events and networks on the topic of new work and diversity
  • Internal digital information and exchange platform and internal virtual learning platform
  • “My Performance Management” as an instrument for feedback and performance review


  • Dividend policy/capital measures/Covid-19 support measures
  • Indebtedness/profitability
  • Development of factor costs/collective bargaining
  • Competitive situation/regulatory environment
  • Contribution to sustainability/Green Transformation
  • Virtual road shows
  • Virtual one-on-ones
  • Email contacts
  • Investor relations Web site
  • Quality/qualification
  • Innovation/digitalization
  • Antitrust law
  • Ombudsmen
  • Supplier management
  • Cooperation in mutual trust
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Reviews of business partners
  • Sustainability in the supply chain
  • Shortage of skilled labor
  • Railway Forum
  • Direct supplier development meetings
  • Innovation workshops
  • Discussions and expert presentations
  • Compliance dialog with business partners
  • Railsponsible industry network
  • Dialogs on competition
  • Innovation partnerships
  • Largely digital dialogs regarding supplier sustainability assessments
  • Mainly virtual supplier days in the product areas
  • Railway Construction Initiative for the Future (Zukunftsinitiative Bahnbau; ZIB)
Associations/specialist public
  • Contribution to sustainability/Green Transformation
  • Infrastructure development and financing
  • Acceleration of planning and construction processes
  • Innovations
  • 2021 Environmental Forum
  • Annual conference of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV)
  • Top-level discussions and expert exchanges
  • Membership of relevant bodies such as the German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy (Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft) and econsense
  • Member of the Administrative Board of the German Compliance Institute (Deutsches Institut für Compliance; DICO)
  • Corporate member of Transparency International Germany
  • Stakeholder events and product presentations
  • Development of digital communication channels (RegioSignals)
  • Increasing employer attractiveness
  • Upgrade of digital services
  • Expansion and digitalization of infrastructure
  • Expansion of fleet or procurement of trains
  • Green transformation
  • Press Web site
  • Press and photo events, including digital and hybrid formats
  • Background discussions, in some cases also digitally
  • Interviews, in some cases also digitally
  • Social networks

The topics and dialog formats are not presented in any order of priority.

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