DB Group

Sustainability management

The great importance that sustainability, the environment and climate-related topics have at DB Group is reflected not only in our anchoring in the Strong Rail strategy, but also in our sustainability organization. The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is responsible for the issues of sustainability and the environment – and therefore also for climate-related opportunities and risks. The role is exercised by the Chairman of the Management Board of DB AG. Overarching coordination is the responsibility of the Sustainability and Environment organizational unit with its five specialist departments in the division of the Chairman of the Management Board. The Sustainability and Environment unit designs DB Group’s Green Transformation and ensures its implementation. In particular, it is responsible for defining the integrated sustainability and environmental strategy, the associ­a­ted Group-wide targets and key figures, and for planning, managing and implementing Group-wide transformation projects. The respective specialist departments in the unit are responsible for the content of specific sustainability issues. The development of further environment monitoring tools, our involvement in sustainability networks and our participation in national and international committees ensure that trends and drivers, as well as opportunities and risks in the field of sustainability and the environment, including climate protection and climate resilience management, are monitored and are strategically and pro­fessionally addressed for DB Group. This ensures Group-wide access to expertise on sustainability and environmental and climate issues.

Sustainability and the environment are a top priority of the Strong Rail strategy. The Supervisory Board and the Group Management Board receive quarterly updates on the status of the Environment and 100% green electricity building block for the Green Transformation and thus about sustainability, environmental and climate issues. Progress in greenhouse gas reduction and noise reduction is reviewed at regu­lar performance review meetings held during the year, which are attended by the Group Management Board and the executives of the business units. The achievement of greenhouse gas emissions targets is included in the calculation of the variable compensation for members of the Management Board and other executives as well as certain employee group.

The management of Sustainability and Environment at DB Group is the highest position responsible for sustainability and climate-related issues under DB Group’s Management Board and reports directly to the Chairman of the Management Board. The unit advises and supports the Management Board of DB Group in the strategic management and implementation of the Green Transformation. Regular meetings ensure close communication about sustainability, environmental and climate issues at Management Board level. Specific tasks include the preparation of recommendations for action for DB Group, its business units and service units. In addition, among other things, the division is responsible for planning and monitoring the achievements of the respective targets, for example in relation to our climate protection and noise reduction targets. The business units are responsible for implementing the targets, strategies and measures.

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