Performance Management

The “My Performance Management” tool aims to support employees’ professional and personal development to boost their personal performance. Regular feedback based on key questions from different perspectives and a well-structured presentation of results helps employees to compare how they see themselves versus how others see them, and encourages them to reflect on their working habits in a targeted manner. Regularly reviewing key performance indicators and how each employee contributes to achieving objectives also shows individuals and teams their strengths and areas for improvement. Supervisors give employees clear guidance on performance development once a year. In a one-to-one discussion, development prospects and measures, such as the careers lab and succession planning, are discussed and agreed upon together. If the annual overall evaluation gives cause for a more detailed assessment of competence, this can be carried out, if necessary, with reference to the skills profile of the function in question.

In addition, a spontaneous feedback tool makes it possible to request and send feedback across all hierarchies at any time and, if the user so wishes, give visible recognition of their rating.

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