Strategic supplier management

A key success factor for us is our cooperative partnership with our suppliers and service providers. As well as availability of materials and quality of goods and services, we are also focusing on consistent communication on equal terms. With this in mind, in 2021 we took the first steps in further developing the “supplier journey.” This included streamlining and modernizing the DB Supplier Portal. As a systematic supplier dialog is a key lever in structuring our business relationship, we have expanded the structures for shaping the dialog between us and our business partners. One example is the use of big data analytics to quickly capture the current situation. The big data procurement initiative has given rise to automated and user-oriented reporting. In addition, the 360-degree supplier view brings together information from several different IT systems. The global presentation of the data and a structured supplier dialog facilitate communication between us and our business partners.

DB Supplier Award and Supplier Innovation Award

  • The ninth DB Supplier Award was presented in recognition of companies in the categories General Necessities and Services, Rolling Stock and Rolling Stock Parts, Infrastructure and Environment. We award this prize to suppliers who have made a mark in their market segment, who fulfill their contractual obligations in an exemplary and sustainable manner and who support us in implementing our strategy with the best performance.
  • We also presented the third DB Supplier Innovation Award to commend particularly innovative efforts that support our range of services, demonstrate a high degree of innovation and are also sustainable.
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